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My name is Hind Afife, a mother for 3 beautiful teens, I’m an integrative health coach and Kangen Machine user.

I bought Kangen machine for personal use and experienced the wonders of this machine before I decided to become a distributor. My interest in health and the environment drove me to buy the machine at first. The results were unbelievable and really amazing not just on my health and my families wellbeing but my household as well. Before becoming a distributor I educated myself about Kangen water and I did a lot of research and I read a lot of books about it. I was driven by passion for this amazing machine which changed my life and wanted to know all about it also to make sure that I made the right decision investing in this machine, as I'm a health conscious mom and I like to use state of art machines!

I have the right knowledge and can answer all your questions and guide you through very well before deciding to own the machine.

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