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Drink Kangen Water Today and experience the magic!

Kangen Water is also known as Miracle Water, has very powerful antioxidant properties.

Plus, it has smaller molecules than tap or bottled water, which means the molecules are easily absorbed in the body. So, helps in faster hydration on a cellular level. A lot of Kangen users have reported that they have lost weight faster, started to have more toned muscles, experienced being in a better mood, they became more energetic and also their sleeping patterns changed to the better. These are but to name a few of the benefits of this miraculous water. In addition, many cancer patients reported that over a prolonged use of Kangen Water their tumours have become smaller. When it comes to cooking, Kangen enhances your food, coffee and tea flavor and it also helps in removing pesticides

and harmful chemicals in your fruits and vegetables, you will notice how they will taste

better after chemicals removed.

Be Prepared to Be Asked by Everyone, Why Your Food Tastes Better and Why Do You Look Healthier and More Active!

What is Kangen Water? 

Kangen Water is alkaline water produced by Enagic’s alkaline ionizer and water filtration machine that helps restore the body to its original alkaline state. The machines turn regular tap water into filtered, electrolyzed-reduced, hydrogen-rich drinking water.


Different Types of Kangen Water  

Kangen Water

(pH 8.5-9.5)

The ideal water for drinking and cooking. Use it as your everyday water, or to make tea, coffee, soups, and stews

Strong Kangen

Water (pH 11)

Has a strong cleaning effect and can be used for food prep and to clean your kitchen.

It removes pesticides and herbicides

from fruits and vegetables

Clean Water

(pH 7)

Neutral water that can be used to prep baby food or to take your medication

with as it is easily absorbed by

the body

Beauty Water

(pH 4-6) 

Slightly acidic with astringent effects, making it ideal to be used for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Wash your face and clean your hair with this beauty water. You can also water your


Strong Acidic

Water (pH 2.5)

Not for drinking, its high acidity makes it perfect for cleaning. Use it to clean your kitchen and prevent cross-contamination. It is also an approved disinfectant that can kill germs and bacteria

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Why People Are Shifting
to Kangen Water™

In the quest for healthy living, many factors are considered. Rarely is water one of those factors. However, water is one of the most essential sources of life and vitality within our bodies. If only we are consuming the right type of water, we can help our bodies heal from the inside out.

Kangen Water™ is the water that has celebrities, nutritionists, athletes, and many others shifting from your grocery-store-bought water to this hydrogen-rich water, made right at home with your very own filter and ionizer.

It enhances nature’s most vital life source using the latest scientific research & technology, merged with superior Japanese craftsmanship


Water is the source of life but not all water is created equal


Trees From Above

Around 70% of the Earth is made up of water and 70% of the human body. If we want to consider a healthy lifestyle, water is the most basic tool for health and vitality to truly nourish our bodies.

Plastic Bottles

Water is most commonly distributed in plastic bottles in our region, which is problematic considering the warm temperatures. By the time, the water makes it into our home, it is full of micro-plastics that have been proven to be harmful to human healths.

Yoga Block

A little-known fact is that much of the water found in supermarkets is actually municipal filtered water that has been purified, rather than natural water. As the water is treated throughout this process, it becomes oxidized and carries micro-plastics within it, reducing its benefits to the human body.




However, there is a solution to finding and drinking water that truly nourishes your body… your very own water filter that filters & ionizes your water, increasing its alkaline nature and removing any impurities so you can get the most out of your water




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Doctor and Patient

      What Doctors Say    

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"Watch the video now and listen to the opinion of professionals talk about the benefits of Kangen Water."

Why Should You Shift to Kangen Water™

Enjoying Clean Water
Foggy Forest
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Kangen Water™ is good for your health, your home, and our planet.





Kangen Water™ offers better, cleaner drinking water that is hydrogen-rich, electrolyzed-reduced, and optimized for your health, helping to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Nourish your body with filtered, electrolyzed-reduced water, full of rich molecular hydrogen & antioxidants. As a powerful source of antioxidants, this alkaline-rich water is also anti-aging and can help reduce inflammation in the body.

Kangen Water™ helps to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future by reducing the use of bottled water and single-use plastic. It also keeps harmful chemicals out of our homes, waterways, and oceans by using alkalized and oxidized waters produced by an Enagic ionizer.

Kangen Water™ provides a safe non-toxic alternative for home and beauty products. You can reduce toxic chemicals and bottled cleaning and beauty products by leveraging your own in-home ionizer to create acidic to alkaline waters for cleaning, bathing, and more.

It’s also more cost-effective in the long run as you won’t need to buy bottled water anymore, reducing overall consumption and spending in your home.

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There are 5 Water Types that the ionizer produces, with varying pH levels, each of which has a wealth of uses across the household offering substitutes for toxic home cleaning & beauty products.

BOOK 101

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Hind Afife

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Integrative Health Coach Hydration Expert

Hear From The Professionals

“Kangen Water™ is negatively charged, full of molecular hydrogen at therapeutic levels & full of ionic minerals for the body to absorb. If you’re going to do one thing, it should be drinking the best quality water to provide your body with the best quality environment.”

Nathan Davis, Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist, AUS

“I’ve been sharing this water with my clients & I think every person and family should have one of these units in their home.”

Annette Sayers, Myotherapist

& Sports Coach, AUS

​“It is my opinion that ionized water will change the way in which all health practitioners and the public approach their health in the coming years... I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone.” 

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, DC, ND, Ph.D., Dipl. Acu., Nutritional Consultant

"Consuming the right type of water is vital to detoxifying the body’s acidic waste products and is one of the most powerful health treatments available. We recommend you drink 8-10 glasses per day of this alkaline water. It is one of the simplest and most powerful things that you can do to combat a wide range of disease processes."


Dr. Lester Packer, Senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist

Water Drops

Discover Kangen Arabia

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Download the e-book to learn more about Kangen Water™ and its many uses

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